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Kolkata Pest Control is one of the leading pest control organization at al over west Bengal has extensive knowledge, advanced technology and training to attack any pests at hospitals, hotels, homes, office establishments etc. will break the pest life cycle lo help control tin wanted invaders in the present and future. With a market presence of more than TEN YEARS in the field of pest control service industries , we are registered under the Government of west Bengal: We have been providing our customers with quality service under different cases, so no matter what type of pests may be lurking in your premises, we will help to terminate their complete activities.

Why Use Us?

"Kolkata Pest Control's goal is to offer you the best possible service in pest control. from your fist contract with the company and than throughout the duration of the work. We constantly assess quality and safe working practices and encourage critical appraisal from our customers."

We always running at al lover global pest control industrial markets with Professional, Trustworthy, Competitive, Safe, Punctual, Friendly, Helpful, Tidy. All of our technicians received bonuses according to the quality of work. We are checking 8 times to our all technicians at every years.

Our Customized

Our experts are trained to identify and treat the root of your particular pest problem like as cockroaches, ant, termite, bug, borer, spider, silverfish etc. also rodent. Upon thorough inspection of the premises, our experts will create a customized treatment plan that effectively targets pest problems exactly where they appear in your premises - both inside and out, all year long. You can trust our service experts to use the most responsible means of treatment application to effectively curb the pest activities.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with KPC Pest Protection service,we provide corrective service at no charge. Our responsibility is to keep you and your family or office safe from pest, and we take that responsibility seriously.You can count on us.

Your Money Safe Service

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Termite Control

Upto 5 Years Warranty

Only Termite Control Cover
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Rat Control

1 Year Warranty

Only Rat Control Cover
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Cockroach Control

Upto 1 Year Warranty (Yearly 4 Service available)

Cover Cockroaches,Ants, Spiders
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Ants Control

Upto 1 Year Warranty (Yearly 4 Service available)

Only Ants Control

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    Termite Control

    One Time Service
    Rs/-850.00 Read More... Add to Cart
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    Cockroach Control

    One Time Service
    Rs/-650.00 Read More... Add to Cart
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    Ant Control

    One Time Service
    Rs/-550.00 Read More... Add to Cart
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    One Time Service (All Insect)
    Rs/-650 Read More... Add to Cart
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    Rat Control

    One Time Service
    Rs/-850.00 Read More... Add to Cart
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    Bug Control

    One time Service
    Rs/-850.00 Read More... Add to Cart


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Term and Condition

Term and Condition

Welcome to Kolkata Pest Control.If you are browse and use this website, you are agreeing our following term and conditions of use,which together with our privacy policy govern Kolkata Pest Control's relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these term and codition, do not use this website.

  • All content of this website of our general information, it subject to change without notice.

    Service related Condition.

  • You need to agree our rule and regulation before use all our services. If use without our rule and regulation that will be your risk and responsibility we are not give the warranty.
  • If we provide the warranty on our any services and you complain us we are will be able for fully free service for that.
  • All Customers need to move some things before use our service.
  • You will can move only your general weighty goods(200kg weighty goods) and normal materials(Like as Bed, Almirah,sofa,table etc by our technician. Extra Charges will be applicable for excessive weighty goods and materials.

    Service Payment Condition

  • If you pay online or cash on service and not get the service within due date, after due your full cash refundable within 3days to your account.
  • If you call us for inspection inspection charges Rs/-200.00 applicable and when you conform our rate and service after insfection, this charges will be include in conform charges.

    Advertising Condition

  • When you submit your documents for advertise, all documents are need valid documents for verify.
  • When you submit your company documents requre photo attach. sending mail address: ad@kolkatapestcontrol.com.

    Payment Condition For Advertise